PH Electrode and ORP Electrode

Is your old pH or ORP electrode not measuring as responsive or accurate as it used to? Are you having difficulties calibrating your electrodes? 

All electrodes have limited life-span, just like batteries, eventually they run out of electrolyte and you will need to replace it. 

Our pH and ORP electrodes are the perfect replacement for your automated pH and Chlorine controller for your swimming pool, aquarium, pond, spa... Long-Life, accurate and very responsive, our PH and ORP electrodes come with standard BNC connection and are compatible with all brands that use this standard connection. 

Our PH/ORP Electrodes are compatible with: Astral, Seko, Micro-Dos, Hayward, Sugar Valley, Zodiac, JBL, Dennerle, Pool Technologie, Bayrol and every other brand with BNC connection. 

PH Electrode

PH Electrodes are the most common type of electrode on the market today. Used from laboratories to pools, brewing, hydroponics and beyond. It's a standard measurement in basically every water-analysis or water-treatment. 

Our pH electrode is a perfect replacement for all these applications and has become very popular choose for owners of pools and aquariums, looking for a reliable replacement pH electrode for their dosing system. 


ORP Electrode

ORP stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential (Redox) a chemical reaction that takes place in a liquid when a oxidizing agent is added to the water. ORP Electrodes are usually found in laboratories worldwide for analysis and evaluation of chemical substances and water-treatment.

Outside of laboratories, ORP Electrodes are best known for the dosing of chlorine in swimming pools. 

Electrodes: Calibration and Storage

All electrodes require regular calibration, with quality pH and ORP Buffer Solutions. Find our more about how to calibrate a pH electrode right here. 

Remember to store your pH or ORP Electrode in KCl Storage Solution when it is not in use. You must never allow the electrode to dry out. 

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PH Electrode | Meytec® BSX-PH PH Electrode | Meytec® BSX-PH -
ElectrodesPH Electrode

PH Electrode

PH Electrode | Meytec® BSX-PH  Precise and responsive pH Electrode, compatible with all brands that utilize the the standardized BNC-Connection. Ideally suited for accurate pH measurement in Laboratories, Hydroponics, Aquariums, Pools...
€79,98 €49,98
ORP Electrode BSX-RX gold sonde ORP Elektrode Redox Sonda ORP piscina
ElectrodesORP Electrode

ORP Electrode BSX-RX gold

ORP Electrode gold Reliable and accurate ORP Electrode with gold plated tip probe to meticulously measure the ORP or Redox level of any liquid. Universally compatible with all brands and manufacturers that use...
€99,98 €69,98